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The Milk-Eyed Mender [entries|friends|calendar]
Joanna Newsom Fans

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New Song: The Divers's Wife [15 Jul 2012|03:04pm]

[ mood | excited ]

In San Francisco, at the Warfield, 25/06/2012.

The only time in my life I have ever been said I was in Dinseyland instead of somewhere else.

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Drums & Piano, Peanut-butter & Jelly [07 Apr 2011|10:43am]

My first thought was, drums are to piano as peanut-butter is to jelly, baby.

This characterization lacks something and I am in search of something better.
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Acquisition of "Have One On Me" [10 Mar 2011|05:35pm]



When winter's roof-top, run-off sneaks beneath the shingles of a neighbor's house while the Father is working and the Mother-of-four's Dad is not fit enough physically to attend entirely to the urgent removal of the heavy snow, the Mother might call upon an able neighborly man nearby to...'save the day'

The woman used the promise of payment as incentive; the woman's enfeebled Dad did the same. With an understanding that such an offer is assumed in our mobile, semi-transient Society, I refused flatly, with as much grace as I could find within myself while stifling the feeling of insult.

The huge weight of snow pack removed reduced the leak well-enough--I eventually caved: We agreed upon an Amazon certificate which resulted in a vinyl/compact-disk purchase of "Have One On Me".

I've reported only the cause of the possession.

...And what of the music.? I could not have predicted the exquisite beauty. No.

[EDIT: changed 'mitigated' to 'reduced' finally. Thank me!]
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Apropo of nothing... [31 Jan 2011|07:41pm]

...but I happened to be surfing through Know Your Meme today and found this:

I must now resist the temptation to sing along with Joanna harp solos with a "derp" sound.

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Favorite Joanna Mag Picture [07 Dec 2010|01:26pm]


What is your favorite magazine pic of Joanna?

This Arthur cover is my favorite because it immortalizes Ys.
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Richmond Virginia, November 20, 2010 [22 Nov 2010|08:37am]

We managed to get a decent audio recording of Joanna's performance in Richmond the other night, thanks to my friend Daniel. Recorded with a Zoom H4. Encoded to 256kpbs mp3.

Files are at http://www.thetiredorbit.com/mp3/joanna_newsom_richmond_20101120/

Setlist went like this:

1. Bridges & Balloons
2. introductions
3. Have One On Me
4. Easy
5. Cosmia
6. (Neal jokes)
7. Soft As Chalk
8. Colleen
9. (more jokes)
10. Inflammatory Writ
11. Go Long
12. Good Intentions Paving Company
13. Monkey & Bear
14. (thanks)
15. Peach Plum Pear
16. (encore applause)
17. '81
18. Does Not Suffice
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[20 Nov 2010|11:51am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I only just found out about this, even though it's been up for over a year now. I checked and found no mention of it here (sorry if I've missed something though). This is apparently one of the artists to be included on the upcoming "Versions of Joanna" cover album - excited!

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"Bridges & Balloons" on LG commercial [11 Nov 2010|09:22pm]

I just saw Bridges & Balloons on an LG commercial. Anyone else see this? It must be new because I can't find shit about it.
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[23 Aug 2010|07:42pm]

Maybe some of you haven't seen this? It was just put on youtube a few days ago. I suppose it's not hard to find, but anyhow:

Pretty funny stuff if you enjoy Nardwuar and his comical interviewing style. I myself do.
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Baby Birch [23 Aug 2010|06:31pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi, fellow Joanna Newsom fans!

Out of curiosity, I would like to get your ideas/interpretations of "Baby Birch." I admit, it has me a little confused.

Thanks in advance! :)

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[06 Aug 2010|02:44pm]


I'm looking for a bigger version of this photo - does anyone have it?
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Setlist for Joanna's Seattle show 8/4/2010 [05 Aug 2010|09:26am]

Joanna's show at the Moore Theater last night was awesome! I was able to swap my ticket with someone at the show who wanted to sit in GA with their friends, so I ended up getting a seat in the 2nd row!

Here's what was played:

1. '81
2. Have One On Me
3. Easy
4. Cosmia
5. Soft As Chalk
6. In California
7. Inflammatory Writ
8. Autumn
9. Good Intentions Paving Company
10. Emily
11. Peach, Plum, Pear

Encore: Baby Birch

Comments: '81 was a great opener but seemed a trifle rushed. She sang it rather differently than it sounds on the album; Joanna seemed to be using her Milk-Eyed Mender voice, which was sweetly beautiful all the same. Peach, Plum, Pear was a new arrangement which incorporated the rest of the band instruments incredibly well; the trombone part was awesome and now it's hard to imagine the song without it. The only (minor) disappointment to my ears was Good Intentions Paving Company—it sounded like Joanna's voice was miked so loud that it was almost impossible to hear the soprano harmony above her. (Not that there's anything wrong with hearing Joanna sing!)

There were a couple of complaints about the heat in the theater, but overall it was a pretty great show. It was my first time seeing Joanna Newsom live, and I hope not the last!
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Oakland Show [03 Aug 2010|11:06am]
Was anyone else disappointed by the show last night?
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attn: superfans [01 Aug 2010|10:40am]

If you are so overwhelmed by emotion in Joanna Newsom's presence that you cannot stop loudly sobbing; mumbling fragments of lyrics/"I love you for real"/"She is magical"; or jumping up to bump through two rows of people to rush the stage and freak out like a thirty year-old Beatlemaniac, you should reconsider going to Joanna Newsom shows where adults compos mentis are present.

When people are vacating seats next to their friends just to get away from your incessant displays of hysteria, you should take it as a sign that your behavior may be inconsiderate and inappropriate no matter how sincere.

By the way, Joanna's show at The Orpheum last night was pretty great as long as you weren't within 30' of ground zero. Good luck to those seeing her in San Francisco on Monday.
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A Shockingly Negative Review of Milk-Eyed Mender from Sputnikmusic.com [09 Jul 2010|10:28pm]


Popular music has known its share of unusual voices. From Bob Dylan to Billy Corgan, singers whose voices might have initially aggravated the average listener have been able to achieve success. Some have not even always managed to sing in key, like Ian Curtis of Joy Division, who compensated for this deficiency by the exceptional strength and timbre of his voice. Regardless, the general consensus on those that have succeeded is usually that their voice somehow “fit” the music that they were singing. However vague and impressionistic this judgment might seem, it must be admitted on an intuitive level that there is some truth to it. This does not prevent these singers’ voices, of course, from occasionally slipping into the intolerable. Even in the space of a single album filled with hits, Corgan, for example, has attempted to sing on tracks for which his strange, nasally voice was clearly not appropriate. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness comes to mind. But the hope is that such vocalists hit the mark more often than they miss.

Then there is the Joanna Newsom of The Milk-Eyed Mender. Though it must perhaps be noted that her voice has shown considerable improvement since her horrendous 2004 debut, the fact remains that here — on Newsom’s first full-length release — the vocals are inexcusably terrible. Yet in spite of this seemingly obvious truth, there are numerous fans of the California native’s work who defend this album as her finest work. To some, Newsom’s subsequent releases have betrayed the ideal established by this early record by going more mainstream in their vocal approach. They make the bizarre claim that the nauseating voice she adopts on The Milk-Eyed Mender holds some sort of charm in its blissful naïveté, strangely endearing in its idiosyncrasy. In introducing the album to the uninitiated, they usually provide the disclaimer that once one gets past her initially off-putting vocals they will recognize its brilliance. The listener must not be deceived by this anticipation, however; those who make such claims are liars.

Most descriptions of Newsom’s voice on The Milk-Eyed Mender fail to capture the true depths of its horror. They settle for the standard — by now hackneyed — characterization of the vocals as “childlike.” At times, this may suffice. But at others, Newsom’s voice on the record is more reminiscent of a demented she-gnome or the deaf, half-idiot sister of some Laura Ingalls frontier family. Somewhere around the two minute mark of the song “Sadie,” Newsom launches into one of the most obnoxious vocal lines in recorded history. Even in parts that are relatively more whimsical, like “Sprout and the Bean,” her voice is incredibly irritating. It single-handedly ruins one of the few actually impressive harp performances on the album. As if this was not horrible enough, on “Peach, Plum, and Pear,” Newsom’s singing reaches new heights of insufferability. I defy the listener to sit through the repetition of the line “Nah nah nah-nah nah-nah” without clawing out his eyes. Her yodeling throughout the track, moreover, is plainly intolerable.

Still, while defenders of The Milk-Eyed Mender might be willing to allow that some are simply not “sophisticated” or “open-minded” enough to accept Newsom’s vocals, they often point to the use of the harp on the record as unimpeachable proof of its musical merit. They maintain that this cannot be contested, even by the staunchest critic. This only showcases the extent of their own ignorance, however. Most of the harp parts on The Milk-Eyed Mender are exceedingly simplistic. To be generous, they are perhaps comparable to Debussy’s harp orchestration of Erik Satie’s Trois Gymnopédies, which would be more of a compliment if it were not one of the former’s most notorious blunders. Newsom exploits the harp’s naturally dreamy quality, covering over the sickly mushroom-nightmare that lies beneath. All too often, the harp is used to play extremely conventional folk chord progressions. Every time the harpsichord sounds in “Peach, Plum, Pear,” it's easy to imagine Mozart walking up to her and slapping her across the face with the sheet music to one of his minuets. Of course, Newsom’s admirers here applaud her for showing such courageous “ingenuity,” for not feeling shackled by the rules of traditional folk instrumentation. What they fail to recognize is that this is all part of Newsom’s gimmick, just another aspect of her calculated eccentricity. Perhaps one should give her credit, though. After all, enough dilettantes have been tricked by it to earn her an audience.

The last line of defense that is commonly trotted out in support of The Milk-Eyed Mender rests on Newsom’s celebrated reputation as a lyricist. Luckily, short work can be made of this claim. Nearly all of her so-called lyrical wit consists in the pseudo-clever combination of unexpected or unlikely words with one another. It results in what the Russian critic Vissarion Belinskii called, with reference to his friend Gogol's 1847 published correspondence, a “sluttish hullabaloo of words and phrases.” “I killed my dinner with karate/kick ’em in the face, taste the body.” This, along with a somber vocal line, is enough to make Newsom either seem cute or uncannily poetic. Other times, Newsom tries to give the impression of possessing some sort of sagely insight. This is most often accomplished by referencing huge concepts (like the nature of capitalism) in a sort of offhand, indirect manner, filled with knowing familiarity. Another way she achieves this effect is by waxing aphoristic, handing out negative axioms (“Never get so attached to a poem/you forget truth that lacks lyricism”) like she was reading directly out of Poor Richard's Almanack. In this way does Newsom appear to tap into some hidden reserve of folksy, homespun wisdom.

Thus, on a vocal, instrumental, and lyrical level, Newsom’s The Milk-Eyed Mender proves an utter failure. Though her last few releases have shown signs of improvement, her first record stands as an eternal testament to the deluded tendency of many listeners to latch onto anything that seems to exhibit quaint eccentricity and call it brilliant, no matter how wretched the piece of music may be.

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"Visions of Joanna Newsom" book info [08 Jun 2010|08:32pm]
I want to remind overseas Newsom fans that the only place to order the book is via our website: www.roanpress.com/ourbooks.html

Sorry if your country levies taxes on such purchases; unless we get a local bookstore or distributor involved (and we would welcome help with that), there's no way around this problem.
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Milky Moon revamp [02 Jun 2010|11:23am]

[ mood | refreshed ]

Greetings my fellow JNfans :)

I did a revamp of Milky Moon when moving it to a new server, and converted it to a
format that allows users to contribute in a new way, which will help keep the site
alive and kicking even in my absence ;) the design is spartan for now, as i wanted
to focus on features and contents, and can create several new skins later - it felt
more important to just get it up and running, ready to be filled with content.


welcome back :)

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Newsom calls Madonna "a dumb-ass" and hates on Lady Gaga [18 May 2010|08:58am]

[ mood | amused ]

She claims she was drunk when she said it.

I thought she was tired of being drunk!

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joanna on later with jools holland [15 May 2010|11:56am]

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[10 May 2010|10:26pm]

[16] Laura Marling
[32] Becoming Jane

[02] Bat For Lashes
[01] Joanna Newsom
[03] Becoming Jane


 @ totge 

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