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Acquisition of "Have One On Me"


When winter's roof-top, run-off sneaks beneath the shingles of a neighbor's house while the Father is working and the Mother-of-four's Dad is not fit enough physically to attend entirely to the urgent removal of the heavy snow, the Mother might call upon an able neighborly man nearby to...'save the day'

The woman used the promise of payment as incentive; the woman's enfeebled Dad did the same. With an understanding that such an offer is assumed in our mobile, semi-transient Society, I refused flatly, with as much grace as I could find within myself while stifling the feeling of insult.

The huge weight of snow pack removed reduced the leak well-enough--I eventually caved: We agreed upon an Amazon certificate which resulted in a vinyl/compact-disk purchase of "Have One On Me".

I've reported only the cause of the possession.

...And what of the music.? I could not have predicted the exquisite beauty. No.

[EDIT: changed 'mitigated' to 'reduced' finally. Thank me!]

Richmond Virginia, November 20, 2010

We managed to get a decent audio recording of Joanna's performance in Richmond the other night, thanks to my friend Daniel. Recorded with a Zoom H4. Encoded to 256kpbs mp3.

Files are at

Setlist went like this:

1. Bridges & Balloons
2. introductions
3. Have One On Me
4. Easy
5. Cosmia
6. (Neal jokes)
7. Soft As Chalk
8. Colleen
9. (more jokes)
10. Inflammatory Writ
11. Go Long
12. Good Intentions Paving Company
13. Monkey & Bear
14. (thanks)
15. Peach Plum Pear
16. (encore applause)
17. '81
18. Does Not Suffice

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I only just found out about this, even though it's been up for over a year now. I checked and found no mention of it here (sorry if I've missed something though). This is apparently one of the artists to be included on the upcoming "Versions of Joanna" cover album - excited!

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Maybe some of you haven't seen this? It was just put on youtube a few days ago. I suppose it's not hard to find, but anyhow:

Pretty funny stuff if you enjoy Nardwuar and his comical interviewing style. I myself do.